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November 01, 2005

a halloween FO

klaralund in silk garden 217

knit project: cornelia tuttle hamilton book 2 - klaralund
difficulty (1-5): 1.5
size: XS (34 in)
yarn: noro's silk garden in 217
knitting specs: US 8

klaralund beaming in sunlight, early morning of the halloween. spectrums of warm oriental colors quickly captured my love for this warm fuzzy knits the instant i put it on.

yes, cornelia tuttle's popular kimono sweater is all done. i'm happy and satisfied and i did not need trick or treat candies to have a good halloween!

life has been busy and we have been turning around like headless chickens for the past few days. i was helping out with domestic errands, tending to our cats' needs... but i was also burning with a sense of urgency to finish my klaralund. i did, late saturday, get to put on this finished knit and watched the last few episodes of "lost" with our cats and my husband, all calm and content, till the first ray of sunlight broke the thick shadowy cloud.

i am a careful knitter, though obsessive compulsiveness better describes me in most situations. i never take on a project lightly. klaralund is certainly a great example of this behavior. i have been wanting to knit with silk garden for the longest time, and really, what pairs this true japanese hand-painted yarn better than a kimono sweater?

a true handknit with no matchy stripes or symmetry

the pattern is straight forward and i do not want to bore you with the details. of course i had added some adjustments- side vents and increased garter stitch borders. these are totally unnecessary modifications as it did nothing to better or worse the fit. they are purely my personal preference.

i love, love, love this sweater. but i am now officially taking a break from projects with only plain and boring stockinette stitches. i am diving into cable knitting. soon enough, i promise.

what next? a knitting meme passed to me by steph, steph and mari.


It looks beautiful on you! I really like the little side vents. I may give that a try when I get the chance to work on mine again :) Great job!

I am loving this! I have some silk garden, not this color. I was going to use it for another pattern, but I like this much better. Thank you for the lovely picture! WOW! I dig it.Beth (big geek)

I am really impressed. The colors are great and the pattern really complements them. Even if the stripes don't match, it's a very "clean" looking handknit. Professional =)

I love it! Now I really need to make one, maybe after my Hourglass sweater. Now I'm kicking myself for passing on the Silk Garden sale..

It looks so pretty - great job! I like to let the Silk Garden stripes fall where they may.

Congrats on your FO, Blossom!!! Klaralund looks stunning on you!

Great job, and one of the best looking CLs that I have yet seen!

what a beautiful fo! and just in time for autumn/winter. you look fantastic.

beautiful! i just returned a bag of 217, but you've made me rethink that decision :)j

Beautiful. You looks so warm and cozy in that outfit. Another great FO!

Wow, I love how the sweater fits! It's loose yet shapely. The colors are lovely , I like that you didn't try to match them up.

Wow!! Your Klaralund is so beautiful, and you look so lovely wearing it. It looks so graceful on.

Lovely! I sure did love this knit too...and the style of the sweater...I can't wait to wear mine too...the weather just needs to cool down a bit more!

It is such a great sweater. Glad that it turned out well. And it looks so great on you.

I just love this sweater! It looks just perfect on you! I am working on a similar pattern but I want to make a Klaralund now for myself! Just beautiful!

Your sweater is beautiful on you, great colors, too.

So, so gorgeous! You did an amazing job and you are right, this sweater is really perfect for the silk garden. Enjoy wearing it.

You do such beautiful work. Love the color and the way it fits you...perfect!

Looks great! Klaralund is always somewhere on my list of things to knit, but I never end up there.

Beautiful colours and a perfect fit! It's gorgeous, like everything you knit. :-)

Oh it's wonderful. I love the colors and the fit is divine. I've never really liked this pattern because it always seemed kind of big, but your's is perfect.

Klaralund is GORGEOUS! I love the colorway, and it fits you perfectly!

I absolutely love your Klaralund, the kimono shape, the colours, un-matching stripes and the fit... Well done Blossom, it's gorgeous.

So beautiful! It's very flattering and the colors are fantastic.

Just beautiful! It fits so well on you! I think you did a great job on it. And the color is perfect. I love it!

Lovely colours and it looks good on you.

what a flattering sweater - and you're right, the perfect design for the yarn. beautiful.

It's gorgeous on you and I love the non-matchy stripes. It's so subtle and beautiful. Enjoy wearing it!

Very cute. What a success!

Wow! It looks fabulous on you! Enjoy wearing it!

Simply gorgeous!

That fits you wonderfully! I can only wish that I get something that fits me so well someday :)

What a great way to spend Halloween -- your Klaralund turned out beautifully. I can see why it's already an instant favorite. I look forward to reading your Kniting MeMe.

It looks absolutely beautiful on you. I love everything about it - the side vents, the non-matching stripes, the fit...everything is very subtle and graceful. Just perfect.

Beautiful Klaralund! It does look amazing on you, color fit and shaping together.

Klaralund looks beautiful, and it fits you very well.

Love those colours! And the best thing is you look great in it!

Another beautiful knit! I like it with the side vents, and the colors are gorgeous on you!

NICE! looks beautiful - love the fit and the colors.

Every time I see this sweater I think it's so simple and beautiful that I just have to knit one myself. I love those colors!


Klaralund looks great on you!

That is a gorgeous Klaralund! I've seen several Klaralunds in blogland and yours is definitely the most beautiful and flattering of all... enjoy...

Very pretty kraralund. It looks so comfy. I bet you'll wear it very often.

I agree that I've seen many Klaralunds and this colorway adn the fit look very graceful on you. I know that it would not be flattering on my figure, but great on you.

that is just the perfect Klaralund!!! The color, the size - you look absolutely amazing in it!!

that's absolutely lovely. beautiful yarn, very cool pattern

Hi,Your projects are all very gorgeous. I love the wave skirts and your Klaralunds is absolutely beautiful. I am resisting the urge to add it to my ever-growing to knit list!

Oh my goodness, that is gorgeous! It's the best fitting Klaralund I have seen. I love making myself things, isn't it fun?

Looks fantastic! I love the colours.

The Klara was my first sweater but I didn't use Noro - big mistake. After seeing how GORGEOUS yours is (and it looks beautiful on you)I might have to splurge for Noro and make another ;-)

Where can I get the pattern? I love it. It is perfect for you. I have a daughter build like you and would love to make one for her.

That's the best fitting, most flattering Karalund that I've seen! I'm so impressed- you deserve to wear a much bigger grin!!

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