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December 15, 2005

my blog needs a holiday too

i am very pleased with my elfine sock's progress. leaves of maple colors just kept forming that i can not stop! initially i was afraid the sock may be too big. well, now that i have knitted past the ankle, i can say that the fit is wonderful. unfortunately i do not have photos to show just yet.

monkeysuit's instant oatmeal in foxbgloves (cashsoft aran)
but how about some pictures of monkeysuits? my brother and his wife teresa will be having a baby girl in a couple months, and i so welcome the opportunity to knit for her. i wanted to involve teresa's opinions so we communicated a few times. i eventually picked monkeysuit's instant oatmeal pattern. how adorable will this new baby girl look in this cute outfit, eh? i will be using rowan's cashsoft aran in foxglove as this color resembles the baby's birthstone, amethyst.

so, i plan to start this project soon, perhaps after my christmas feast.

while everyone is having the greatest decoration and holiday plans for next week, we are not really riding this wave just yet. my husband and i have yet to establish the exchange of secret christmas present thing because why? we have no secrets. we shop for what we like together and that is both satisfying and practical. and i think that will also be the case for 2005.

smooth shoulder shaping using the short row technique
i finished the back piece for cobalt cardi and do i love it! ha, veronik avery's short row tutorial in this IK issue totally saved my day. this was the first time that i used short row shaping correctly and beautifully. not only that, i kept all the stitches alive (alive!!) for future three needle bind off and collar attachment.

highgate was also progressing until i realized that my stitches were off while i was doing the sleeve shaping. why, why, why? i was so frustrated that i had to throw this project back in the basket. maybe those stitches will fix themselves.

nothing else is going on for my alpakka sweater, though i will try to finish it before the spring.

and my blog needs a holiday break. then again, maybe not! i may not be able to resist to urge to show my complete elfine socks, the beginning of butterfly (new and improved) among other random things.


Oh, you are so lucky to have a little niece to knit for. The monkeysuit is adorable!!

Great choice for your niece! It's perfect, I can't wait to see you start it. The cobalt cardi is looking good. I shop with my husband like that too, it's great.

I'm knitting Highgate too and after ripping the sleeves back once, I'm still not sure the cap is correct. I decided to forge ahead with the back and see how the sleeves matched up to the arm holes. I'll confess that I secretly hoped you'd pull ahead and offer helpful insights. I look forward to seeing your progress. --Anna

Oh, the pattern is adorable! Which issue of IK is the tutorial in, Winter 05? I still haven't received mine yet, grrrr...

Great new baby project you have chosen. It should be a quick knit (so satisfying sometimes). Your cobalt cardi looks lovely too. I am interested in all those live stitches. I have never done a 3 needles bind off before but I think I'll have a go soon...

Oh, that baby pattern is just so cute! So. Friggin'. Adorable.

Awww, that's going to be an adorable baby set.

That baby pattern is wonderful. How sweet and it will look great in that color. I hope you don't completely take a break, but I imagine everyone's blogging will slow down a bit over the holiday.

I love that detail of your Demi - what a beauiful knit. Gosh, I have such a soft spot for tweeds!

Can't wait to see the monkey suit...and the cobalt cardi looks wonderful!Enjoy the holidays!

THat monkey suit is going to be so fabulous! I wish you a happy holiday season and hope to see some of your wonderful projects soon :)

Have a wonderful Christmas. There are no surprises in my house either. I don't think my husband or I could manage to keep a secret from each other for more than ten minutes. The Elfine Socks are an adorable pattern. I look forward to seeing them and your sweaters when they are finished.