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December 04, 2005

my current knits

three sweaters, each with their own styles and characters, are my current focus in knitting. aran sweater with the most intriguing tweed yarn, heathery pink cable highgate and an explosion of colors for the alpakka sweater.

cobalt blue cardi (IK winter 01/02)
so far, cobalt blue cardi is the most interesting one of the three. i have spent most of my last week conquering cables and twisted stitches of this cardi and am almost done with the back piece. rowanspun is a really great yarn. sturdy but soft to your hands. i'm so tempted to buy more.

i was not too thrilled with how it looks at first, stitches tend to get uneven when you twist them too much, back and forth, front and back. twisted stitches also made fixing tensions impossible. i am not sure what i'd do about them just yet, maybe some serious blocking after it's all done.

i have also knitted all the edge stitches in garter stitch. not sure how that would faciliate seaming.

but they are pretty, no? diamonds and these wiggly looking fancy ribs all stand out from the knits. totally screams "i am a traiditional shetland aran knit!". fancy, i tell you.

highgate in china pink, she is nothing but a preppy english lady!

and who doesn't love highgate? the soft heathery pink and the understated cables complement the wide collar and all over ribbings all too well.

i started off by knitting the sleeves, the most uncomplicated part of the whole sweater. this mindless ribbing is such a welcoming change from the cobalt cardi. i have not gone very far with this project just yet. still savoring the moment of working with this luxurious yarn.

the front of my alpakka sweater

yes... you should have guessed by now. the front of my alpakka sweater will have nothing but an explosion of colors. i have a plan and i think it'll work. you are looking at the beginning of it, i have a great tutor for this project, the name is oilily.


I like the pink one, it is so elegant.My BlogMy on-line shop

I love the pink! It's one of my favourite colour :o) It's such a sweet colour! I can't wait to see the end product!

All three projects look great Blossom. I love the cables on the blue cardi, love this gorgeous heathery pink and can't wait to see the grand finale of this explosion of colours on your Alpakka sweater...

great projects that you're working on. i'm always amazed of how good a dark red and pink work together (like in your alpakka sweater)

Oh I do love a good cable - they're always so satisfying to complete. Love the way the cobalt cardi is coming along

very pretty--all three!katy

They are all looking great - I especially like your cobalt aran cardi. Can't wait to see them!

They are all looking good! I like the cobalt aran too, very nice cable work!

Wonderful projects and I can't believe how much progress you've made since we last saw these. Keep up the good work.

They're all very pretty, especially the cobalt sweater, those cable details are really nice.

Wow! Your sweaters are looking so good. I can't even pick a favorite. And you're working so quickly on them. Can't wait to see them finished.

Ooooh, I just noticed the pink sweater online this weekend and there you are, knitting away! I love that design and will definitely keep my eyes peeled for your progress and notes about it. Have fun!

All of them are so pretty! I just got Vintage Knits for my birthday, and the Demi pattern caught my eye. I have to say that I really am loving Highgate though - what a lovely pink!

Oooo, I love how all 3 sweaters are looking so far. Do you have a pic of how the cobalt blue cardign will look like completed?

I have that Norah Gaughan on the needles too! You're much further than I am. But I had to let you know I love the olilly inspired alpakka. That's going to be wonderful.

What weight rowanspun are you using? I really like the aran. Pretty cables!

Gorgeous yarns and gorgeous projects. I really like the Iris you're making for your friend also - fabulous!

I've been reading your blog for a while now and I have to say, I just love the projects you choose. So beautiful! Can't wait to see all 3 completed projects.

Everything is looking great! I like all three projects and especially love the color of the Highgate.

What a nice variation in your knit basket! I love all three of your sweaters and can't wait to see the first one on you :) That is the one I love too!

I'll look forward to seeing them all! I'm about to embark on designing my first sweater (well, in January) and I'm a wee bit intimidated by the process!

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