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January 30, 2007

hong kong

i may be biased, but i am always captivated by the orient; it was just so full of beauty and mystery. you thought you had it figured out, but in the end, you really had just scratched the surface. hong kong, the gateway to asia, was our first stop of our recent journey.

it was especially exciting, even though this was my third visit to this city. but this time, we had a happy reunion of the siblings! no better place to take such picture than the subway station. very creative.

immediately upon arrival, we unpacked, we exchanged presents, and quickly we entered sweet dynasty for a late night supper. i was very happy to see my husband tried congee for the first time and loving it instantly.

china 009-1.jpg

beautiful sky, isn't it! it was just rare to see blue sky and white clouds in a city so crowded and possibly polluted. hong kong, through my husband's observation, exhibits strong british influence. to me, it is just a city for shoppers and foodies.

there are two things you must do in hong kong, aside eating and shopping. one, take a stroll along the avenue of stars. there are literally little sparkling lights on the ground, but mostly, your attention would be on this signature hong kong view.

china 453.jpg

next, aboard the ferry and travel to hong kong island, take a cable car up the victoria's peak. late in the evenings, you will be greeted by another spectacular view of hong kong.

china 329.jpg

i visited hong kong last year and went to the peak during the day. the view was different (but beautiful nonetheless), but if i must choose, i much prefer the night view.

and if you want a holistic, hong kong luxury style dining scene with the view, try aqua, like we did. it will be an experience hard to forget.

china 488.jpg
the view from the bar. lots of red, glowing blues, beads and a spectacular view

china 489.jpg
delicious mango and lychee martinis

with that, we entered shanghai...

January 26, 2007

before the holidays...

i made a couple things and brought them to hong kong with me. one is amy butler's intown bag (again!) for my sister.

china 1307.jpg

i haven't had a chance to try other amy butler's patterns, but i just adore intown bag. it is simple, versatile (depending on the fabric, it can be winter, summer, casual or dressy!), and very practical. it is very likely that i will make another one in the near future.

what i really want to show you is the kitty doll from wee wonderfuls.


this is for my niece. of course! i can only imagine how adorable it would be of her holding my handmade toy. the kitty is named mona. she is stylish and fashion conscious, just look at that purple shoes! i used the linen and cotton fabrics i swapped with joujouka last spring. they are incredible soft and organic, perfect for a child's toy.

i wanted the doll to look handmade, so i opted for a very simple facial expression. and then, i made a bag for doll as well. i am thinking of knitting a sweater for kitty mona. kitty needs a good wardrobe, too!

here are some close-up shots:


making toys are f-u-n!!! and i'm now a wee wonderfuls addict. i want to make the robot for my nephew. i'm sure he'll be thrilled.

January 25, 2007

adding a tree to whispering pine

i have now returned from the east. this trip was fabulous, and of course with tales and adventures worth sharing. until i have the pictures ready, i would like to begin this little tree drawing contest mentioned in the previous post.

two years of sharing my crafty passion with you have taught me a lot of things with the most valuable one being loving what i create, and the beauty of hand-crafted imperfection. i also have deep appreciation of being part of this wonderful community. as such, i would like to include your creativity and involvement as part of my blog. draw me a tree.

if you'd like to partake this task. please send me (blossom at whisperingpine dot org) a picture file of your version of a tree to accompany this existing patchwork one created by diana. file should not be too big (>100Kb), and should be easily manipulated to add on to the existing banner. the contest will end at 11.59pm jan 31th. i will compile all trees together for sharing and select the one i love the most and add them to my banner. i will ask the chosen artist to provide a little paragraph like diana did, and post them here.

a lovely package will send to the chosen artist, which will consist silk fabric, yarn and crafty related goodies!

thanks for reading my blog, being part of my craft and i look forward to seeing some trees.

January 17, 2007

on the road

bank of china tower, hong kong

happy 2007, everyone!

the bank of china tower still looks as impressive as the first time i saw it. only this time i get to see it at night. to me, it looks even more beautiful.

right now, i'm sitting in my hotel, having breakfast in shanghai. a very contemporary hotel lounge, it's hard to believe that this is shanghai.

i have not forgotten about my craft. i visited stores for both luxurious silk fabrics and the traditional peasant blue nankeen fabrics. they represent two different extremes of the chinese art and culture, but to me, they are equally stunning and precious!

i have also not forgotten that the two year anniversary of whispering pine is approaching. and i need another tree. i will host a tree drawing contest when i get back. of course, in return, you'll get a nice package including souvenirs from china.

talk to you soon,