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October 29, 2007


i am taking a little break from blogging. several reasons, but mostly because of life. i hate to write half-hearted posts which serves no purpose to my readers, who come here for inspiration and to share ideas.

anyway, the weather is getting cold, my sunrise circle jacket is not too far away from being finished. the quilt has been layout and cut. i may need to get a quilter's presser foot before i start sewing (should i?). i am also going to start this cutest cardigan (which of course was inspired by pam).

another reason of taking a blog break was because of ravelry. that was so much fun. i hope there would be a sewing equivalent version.

hopefully i will be energized when i return. and have many interesting craft to share!


this is actually the 250th post. no wonder i feel like i needed a break. i also just discovered that my 3000th commenter was one of my long time loyal readers, whom i also considered a friend. i hope to prepare something for that person during the break. stay tuned!

October 15, 2007

sending off


after spending the past couple months working on the baby package for my sister, i made two muslin drawstring bags for mama and baby. i think it should wrapped this up nicely.

these elephants have been happy being residents of my craft room. but sadly one of them is going to be living with my sister's new baby. to send the elephant (i'm calling this one molly) off, i made her a bag.


it has nice, plushy pink lining, and linen tape as ties.


oh, finally i have time to knit! i

sunrise circle jacket

this is the "almost finished" sunrise circle jacket. i'm really eager to finish the last piece so i can seam it up and wear it this winter. it's going to be interesting to see how it fits. my gauge had been all over the place. and i had a feeling that my sleeves may be too long. not to mention the back and front seam may not line up, my front half of the circle looks like an inch longer than the back side seam.

oh well, it's wool, so let's hope some blocking will do the trick.

October 10, 2007

a wedding at sea

cruise collage
excerpts from our cruise vacation, click for details!

one of my friends i've known since grade school got married last weekend, we were invited to their cruise wedding! it was a fun-filled event traveling with more 70 friends and families on a cruise.

cruise vacation was interesting, but i think having friends really helped with the experience. we went to chichen itza, one of the seven wonders of the world. i think seeing the mayan ruins was the highlight of our trip, aside from the wedding.

we also went snorkeling in cozumel. the turquoise water was amazingly warm and salty (i am not very good at snorkeling). it was really difficult to come back to routine and work, after our vacation. or any vacation for that matter.

i did some sewing last night. and had realized that the weather is really getting cool. i need to finish my sunrise circle jacket soon. and get ready for more handknit socks.

October 08, 2007

back from maya ruins

chichen itza

it was a long way from home. we sailed across the ocean to find this land of lost civilization. it was eerily beautiful.